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Barry B.

Very pleased with my hot tub purchase from Spa Land.  Fair prices and excellent customer service.  Erik traveled to my home (out of county) even before I purchased my hot tub to determine whether a crane would be needed to  install the hot tub and to determine if  an electrical upgrade was necessary.

Bill Parks

Great company and great customer service!!

Bob Hansen-Keys

First rate experience, people and help

Bruce Morrison

Very nice people work here. They are a wealth of knowledge and share it without the feeling that they are selling. Simply put it they have a friendly store with a lot of options to choose from.

Charles Stark

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and accommodating.

David Katz

Great people and service. They really know their stuff and will make sure you get the tub that fits your needs.

Deb B.

We're both new to hot tubs, the home we recently bought came with a Sundance spa and we had no idea how to care for the water or anything about it. Fortunately the owner, Erik, was able to look up our spa, tell us the model (he had sold the spa to the original owners of the house) and how to care for it. Surprisingly it was much easier to maintain than we thought. We bought the necessary products and have been hot tubbing it daily ever since. I sense that Erik is more concerned with our enjoying our hot tub experience than making money from us. When the time comes to get a new tub, we'll be buying it here. Fair, honest and excellent customer service, thank you Spa Land!

Debby V.

We had a great experience getting our Sundance! Hubby and I did ALL the research, and visited all the local spa dealers, and Sundance and Spa Land came out ahead. (Ironically, this was the first shop we visited, and we could have save a lot of time if we had just followed our gut and gotten a spa after our first visit. But, we wanted to be contentious consumers.) We did a wet test in store, which was pretty darn fun, and picked our model. We feel like we got a great deal, and everything was delivered and installed on time and as promised. Nick even helped us find an electrician to prepare the electrical for the spa. He came out and checked the site and was incredibly helpful. And now we've had the spa for a few weeks and love love love it!

Earl and Bonnie

The owners are committed to their customers, they are friendly and take the time to listen and explain how things work and should be, great place to buy a spa.

Felix Loya

Nik was friendly and helpful, as he always is.

Gil Dong

Great to work with Nik! I recommend Spa Land to anyone looking to install or replace a hot tub!

Gilbert D.

Nik was great and informative, without the high pressure sales tactics. Delivery was great and timely. I was able to reschedule the delivery appointment to coincide with our electrician's timing. I recommend Spa Land to anyone who wants to purchase a Spa or needs Sundance products or Summerset Casual patio furniture.

James Guglielmoni

Nik and the team are fantastic keeping you updated on everything going on and anything new.

Jason B.

Great local business with fair prices and unmatched customer service. They bought the business and immediately had to take care of a few of my issues. They were kind and genuine and helped me without hesitation. Nik rocks!

Jason Butler

Above and beyond customer service and fair prices. Support this local business!

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