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At Spa Land, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of the professionals. Our spa service technicians are highly-trained, with years of experience maintaining and repairing the systems of Sundance® Spas, among many other hot tub brands. If your hot tub isn’t performing or functioning properly, request our spa services in Cotati and throughout Sonoma County for help. Our experts can help to diagnose the issue and do whatever it takes to repair the issue. If you’re facing an issue with your spa system, contact us today for our quick and efficient repair solutions.

The best way to ensure that your spa remains in the best condition possible, for as long as possible, is by scheduling regular maintenance. Our technicians can care for your hot tub with regular chemical treatments, cleaning, filter replacements, and more! When our technicians have a regular opportunity to care for your system, they have a chance to identify a potential problem area before it persists and grows. The longer an issue goes unresolved, the more likely it is to seriously damage the entire system. This can result in costly repairs and even diminish the quality of your spa. We service Sonoma County as well as parts of Marin, Napa County, and Lake county. Contact us for more information on the locations we service. Don’t wait for a problem to occur, schedule hot tub service today!


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