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Water Care

  • Free Water Testing

    Maintaining clean and clear hot tub water is key to keeping your friends and family safe from any harmful contaminants, and prolonging the life of your hot tub. It’s also important to maintain the right chemical levels, to balance your water’s alkalinity, calcium, pH levels and so much more. Confused? Don’t be! We can help take the guess work out of your hot tub water care, and get you on the path to clean, crystal-clear water! Visit out showroom in Cotati and bring us a small sample of your tap water for an analysis of your water chemistry today!

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Valet Service

Includes draining and refilling the spa, giving the spa/cover/filter a deep-clean, balancing the fresh water, changing the UV bulb as necessary, bringing replacement accessories as needed, and running a full diagnostic to ensure all components are operating. 2-3-hour service.

  • Quarterly

    (4 times/year)


  • Bi-annually

    (2 times/year)


  • Annually



Water Maintenance

For customers within 15-mile radius of Spa Land.

Includes balancing spa water, cleaning filter, spa shell, spa cabinet, and cover. Servicing agent will ensure all spa functions are working properly. 25-45 min service. Includes valet service twice per year, or as necessary. Valet service fee replaces normal water maintenance fee for that visit.

  • Weekly

    (4 times/month)


  • Biweekly

    (2 times/month)


  • Monthly



  • Valet service

    (2 times/year, or as necessary)



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